Monday, March 2, 2009

"I think I gotta case of the Strep."

Who was it that once said, "Thine whom defeats the perils of the Strep, comes out the victor"? I don't know, maybe I made it up. It seems like an appropriate maxim this week, as I watch my friends fall victim to streptococcal pharyngitis, and I myself feel its powers dwarf my desire to study. With the help of some possibly undesirable antibiotics I should be back at full strength come senior seminar time.

It does quell my nerves to know that in a week and a half, I will have expunged the senior stress syndrome from my body, as well as the more physical manifested strep throat, and will be on the road for warm weather and geology! I will, however, miss having spring break to spend times with those I hold closest to me...

As I sit back now, reviewing this latest post, I begin to feel the massive amounts of vitamin C, green tea, and water hit me and the bed looks even more inviting than it did earlier today when I took my 7th nap in the last 10 years. So to that bed I shall retire now and hope that tomorrow the women at the Health Services will provide me with medicines such that I do not make sick any more innocent people.

A note on the picture....something about Charlotte just makes me want to hold her like a backpack, I can't really explain it. And as ancient belief goes, and now scientific as well, laughter and happiness make you healthier, so who knows.....after enjoying this picture I may wake up tomorrow feeling better than ever!